The Hansadhwani Institute

Welcome to the unique knowledge-based services and courses by The Hansadhwani Institute. We are a research-led organization working in mental health, education and music. Please look around our diverse opportunities, services, offers and courses. We are happy to collaborate and co-create solutions with you as part of our commitment to creating an ethical, humane, all inclusive, ecologically-responsive social ecosystem that enhances everyone’s natural potential.


To work towards creating a peaceful and just world safe for all life, by collaboration, dialogue and co-creation.


To empower diverse demographics and communities via interdisciplinary convergences between education, music & mental health.


Bringing music and individuals together in meaningful ways to evoke best outcomes in education and health, in a bidirectional manner. The first of these directions lies in education and developmental psychology, the second therapeutic interventions among clinical populations.

The Team

Founded by therapist-musicologist Dr. Prateeksha Sharma, Ph.D., The Hansadhwani Institute is an outcome of decades of study and research. While her doctoral research lay in mental health (psychosis and recovery), there is considerable overlap with music due to her four decades engagement and training in the field, in the Kirana Gharana tradition of Hindustani Classical Music. To read further about her work click here.

Sandeshika Sharma, Ph.D. is a health freedom advocate and coach. She has helped many people across the country to deepen their connection with the plant world and the microbiome. She assists clients’ journeys away from big pharma into more self-driven and pro-earth regimes. Before embarking on this trail she did a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California (Irvine), and taught in several universities. Her current work is entirely in the domain of food and nutrition.
The Hansadhwani Institute team is a mix of individuals some among who contribute their expertise on a pro bono basis, as friends and supporters of our vision and mission. A dedicated and regular staff supports the day-to-day operations on the ground.


We operate in two locations: Faridabad and Online, and hope to start working in Delhi in the near future. In Faridabad we are in Sector 21 A.

It is part of our mission to reach anyone regardless of distance. The blended mode of our operation is a reflection of both our commitment and flexibility, further consolidated due to the numerous ways one can work remotely nowadays, especially via Skype, Google and other modes.

Please contact us on +91.9891.88.6060 (also available on WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS)