We are devoted to mental health and a holistic recovery. We take pride in being the first center in India, which is both peer-led and recovery-focused in its orientation.

According to evidence emerging from diverse corners of the globe peer knowledge, peer support and peer-led interventions are now considered the future of mental health, and we lead on this count- both in ideas, research and outcomes. Please read our research to know further.

Our work is embedded in a vastly different philosophical and ethical basis as compared to counseling done by psy-professionals, while remaining individually responsive and dynamic. Since we understand mental “illness” closely we also understand constituents of recovery and why people are unable to recover from most mental health related diagnosis. We help individuals, families and groups visualize their lives, stories, and struggles in vastly different ways, and reclaim their life from the setback and stigma generated by psychiatric diagnosis.

Our work is collaborative, future-forming and based on a dialogue between equals. It is our constant endeavor to simplify knowledge and research to suit every person we work with. Please feel free to engage our ideas.

Our interdisciplinary team and efforts spill into diverse, recovery-oriented services in mental health. These are part of our larger effort of creating alternatives in mental health in the local community. To know about our group services please look here (there will be a link here).